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795 km

W Highland Way Glasgow Stirling

Do not cut live wood. Please help by burning or removing rubbish. Do not light fires outside bothy and don’t drive on forestry roads. East Lomond Forest.

Historical Note
Surprising as it may now seem, in 1759 there were nine families living in the vicinity of Rowchoish with at least three more settlements between there and Inversnaid. The bothy was the byre of Rowchoish cottage which was occupied until the late thirties.

In 1965, “Public Spirited Bodies” led by the Scottish Rights of Way Society renovated the byre with the consent of the Forestry Commission and dedicated it to William Ferris who was a prominent official of several outdoor organisations. The maintenance was originally the responsibility of the Moray Outward Bound Club but in 1977 this passed to the MBA. In 1981, much work was done by Endevour Training (Scotland) Ltd and, more recently, the Long Distance Paths Association re-roofed the structure.